Our Agency’s Story

In 1975, Bill Wethington made a career change from high school teacher to life insurance sales and founded Wethington Insurance. Over time he began to offer a full line of insurance products including home, auto, umbrella, and comprehensive business insurance products. Wethington Insurance has always been an Independent Insurance Agency, committed to offering our clients a choice and the best value.

Wethington Insurance prides itself on being a part of our local communities. Because we are a part of the community we know the risks, challenges, and dreams our clients have, and how to protect you against the risk while helping you achieve your dreams. Over the years our agency has enjoyed significant growth, but we continue to hold true to the client-focused approach based on value and local, professional service.


The Wethington Approach

As mentioned above, after graduation from Eastern Kentucky University I began my working career as an educator.  I love teaching.  I have always loved and been good at communication.  A light goes on for me when I help someone understand something that is important to them that they did not really understand.  It can be explaining a million dollar policy, or teaching a young person about Noah’s Ark.  I love teaching.

I have never really left teaching, I just changed the venue where I teach. Now I teach my clients about insurance and help them understand why it is important to them and their families.

To me insurance is about value. There are three pillars of value. The first and most important is designing the proper protection. Value begins with the proper protection. What value is $50,000 of protection when you have a $500,000 loss? We focus on proper protection, and then offer our clients the best pricing available from the companies we represent. Competitive pricing is the second pillar of value.

Finally we provide personal and local service to our clients, which is the third pillar. Service is not just doing paperwork correctly, but involves continuing communication and education about products, keeping up with new coverages as our clients lives change, and doing regular reviews to always help our clients find the best value.

At Wethington Insurance we have embraced technology fully. We use technology to provide an added level of service to make it easier for our clients to manage their program of protection. Technology does not replace people, but when used properly helps people do their jobs more efficiently.

My goal every day is to use the knowledge I have gained in over 40 years of working in insurance, and to use my ability to communicate with my clients to help them find the best insurance value possible.

I am always more than happy to sit down and have a conversation about your insurance coverages and needs, and provide the best service I can for you and your family or business.

Bill Wethington