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Defining the Value of Insurance

Defining the Value of Insurance

Defining the Value of Insurance

How do you define “value”?

When prospective clients call us, they are generally looking to get a good value on their insurance and often times they begin with price. We understand that price is a big part of the value of insurance, but we define insurance value as having three key pieces.



The first key to value is protection. You could have a claim of $500,000 – or more – and if your policy only covers $100,000 that’s not a good value for you. At Wethington Insurance we begin by helping you to design the proper protection. This involves us simply talking with you, listening to your needs, and then drafting a quote built around everything you need to protect.



As your independent agent we represent a large number of very fine companies. After we’ve come up with a protection plan for you, the next step is for us to find the very best price that we can from among those companies – the price that is right for you and your particular situation.



Some define service as paying attention to details – such as getting the billing right, paying attention to changes that happen within your life or that come from the insurance companies and how they might affect your policy throughout your time with us. To us, service goes even deeper than that; service is about communication. Here at Wethington Insurance, we do monthly newsletters with our clients, and regular reviews because we believe it is important to keep your insurance coverages up-to-date and current with your situation.

We believe that value with insurance, and service in particular, comes with a g reat agent – a local, accessible, and professional agent who you can contact with a simple phone call or email, and have confidence in that when you come in, they can help you with whatever insurance issues or questions you might have.



We hope that you can see that there is a clear difference between price and value, and that here at Wethington Insurance, our goal is to give you the best value (protection, price, and service) possible. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us via phone or email to review your policy or discuss your insurance needs!